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Vice Governor of Gansu Province Song Liang Inspects CFMCC Projects under Construction in Baiyin City
Source: Author:雷珍君 Time:05 September 2017
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  On August 24, Song Liang, Member of the Standing Committee of Provincial Party Committee and Vice Governor of Gansu province, companied by Su Jun, Secretary of Baiyin Municipal Party Committee, and Zhang Xuchen, Deputy Secretary and Mayor of Baiyin Municipal Party Committee, and Jia Ruchang, Deputy Secretary of Baiyin City, and other leaders, inspected the Baiyin Underground Comprehensive Pipe Gallery Project that constructed by CFMCC.

  On the project construction site, Mr. Song listened to the work report in the aspects of safety, quality, progress, civilized construction and environment protection, and gave full affirmation to the achievements made by CFMCC during the construction of this project, especially the great efforts and contributions made by CFMCC in building the national civilized city and environment pollution improvement. He hopes CFMCC can give full play to its advantages of a state-owned enterprise in the fields of management, specialty, technology, scientific research and frontier technology, play a major role in the urban construction as an enterprise listed in the two TOP 200 enterprises of Chinese construction industry, create national high quality projects, build the national safety and civilization standardized construction site as well as the environmental protection demonstration construction site, and make this livelihood project to be the model project and demonstration project of one hundred years, which benefits the people and the offspring. During the inspection, Mr. Song emphasized, departments at all levels must be alert with safety production, strictly implement the responsibility system of safety production, really do a good job on safety production, resolutely prevent and contain major safety accidents.

  During the inspection, Mr. Song also attended the opening ceremony of the G341 line Baiyin to Zhongchuan section first-class highway PPP project and announced the project starts. This project is an important link to the new national main trunk line G341 from Jiaonan to Haiyan highway, and also a key construction project listed in the Liupan Mountain poverty alleviation plan and the transportation development planning of Gansu province’s “13thFive-Year Plan”, and a convenient path to Zhongchuan Airport from Baiyin city and its east regions. After the project completion, it will accelerate the construction and development of Lanzhou New Zone, accelerate the construction of comprehensive transport network in the influence area of this project, promote Zhongchuan Airport to be the gateway airport of foreign exchange and the main airport in the northwest district, and become an important comprehensive transportation junction of the region. CFMCC is responsible for the construction of the test section of this project.

  By Han Fengyou and Huang Wenhui


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