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CFMCC Signs a Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Jinfeng District Government of Yinchuan City on the Infrastructure Construction of Silk Road Economic Park
Source: Author:雷珍君 Time:06 September 2017
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  On August 28, CFMCC signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Jinfeng district government of Yinchuan city on the infrastructure construction of Silk Road Economic Park. Song Zhanjiang, Party Secretary and President of CFMCC, and Zhao Huiyong, Head of Jinfeng District, attended the signing ceremony and signed on behalf of the two parties.

  Mr. Song and Mr. Zhao held talks before the signing ceremony. Mr. Song said, CFMCC signed a strategic cooperation frame agreement with Jinfeng district government in last year and the two parties had a good cooperation during the construction of the Yinchuan China-Arab Axis Underground Pipe Gallery Project, which shows the efficient and pragmatic work style and meticulous service consciousness of Jinfeng district government. CFMCC will do a better job of technical guidance on project construction, continue to optimize construction process, minimize the impact on urban traffic by construction, strengthen the standardization management of safety and civilization, build the demonstration construction site, and live up to the trust and support of the district party committee and the district government. Meanwhile, CFMCC hopes to make longer, broader and deeper cooperation with Jinfeng district government, and will set up special team to participate in the infrastructure construction of the whole district and to support the construction of the Silk Road Economic Park by giving full play to its advantages in the aspects of design, industry import, operation, capital, intelligence technology and so on.

  Mr. Zhao expressed his gratitude to CFMCC’s warm reception. As the Yinchuan China-Arab Axis Underground Pipe Gallery Project is a present for the 60th anniversary of the establishment of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, he hopes CFMCC can set project schedule in reverse order according to time nodes, go all out to promote the project construction, ensure the quality and safety of the construction and complete the construction task with high quality and efficiency to make it to be the benchmarking project of Yinchuan. He said, during the cooperation, CFMCC’s strength on construction, technology and management has been widely recognized. Because the Silk Road Economic Park is the main force to lead the local economy development and an important platform of opening to the outside world, it needs to choose enterprises with strong strength and good reputation for cooperation. Jinfeng district government will actively carry out the preliminary work of the project and create a good collaborative environment for project implementation.

  According to the agreement, the two parties will establish extensive, in-depth and long-term strategic cooperative partnership, and make cooperation on the infrastructure construction functional maturation projects of water system connection, municipal road network, underground traffic, smart city, landscape upgrade, etc. in the Silk Road Economic Park (east to Zhengyuan North Street, south to Shenyang Road, west to Wanshou Road, north to Harbin Road, covers an area of 3960 acres).

  Bao Yongxiang, Office Director of Jinfeng district government, and Gao Liang, Chief of the Construction Traffic Bureau, and He Xingyu, Chief of the Agriculture Animal Husbandry and Water Bureau, and Li Baoyu, Director of the Industrial Concentration District Service Center, and Sun Gang, President of Jinfeng District State-owned Assets Investment Holding Co. Ltd, and Lao Xiaoyun, Vice President of CFMCC, and heads of CFMCC relevant departments and units also attended the signing ceremony.

  By Yin Zhiyuan


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