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Song Zhanjiang Attends the Investment and Cooperation Contract Signing Meeting of the East Lake Greenway Phase II PPP Project
Source: Author:雷珍君 Time:07 September 2017
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  On August 25, Song Zhanjiang, Party Secretary and President of CFMCC, attended the investment and cooperation contract signing meeting of the East Lake Greenway Phase II PPP Project, and signed on the contract with Zhou Gen, Chief of Wuhan Garden and Forestry Bureau (WGFB).

  Mr. Song said, CFMCC feels honored to be the initiator of social capital and major infrastructure construction unit of this project, and promises continue to carry forward the fine styles of work of a central enterprise, undertake its social responsibility, and complete all the construction tasks of this project successfully, hoping both parties can cooperate and support each other in various aspects to achieve the win-win situation.

  Mr. Zhou said, CFMCC is a leading domestic large-scale central enterprise which dare to fight and good at tough fight, WGFB hopes it can continue to show its “Iron Army” style, overcome the difficulties of time limit and heavy task, and complete the project on time with high quality and high level to make East Lake to be an example of the world-class lake in the city and a “big meal” of ecological landscape to Wuhan citizens. At the same time, he hopes while CFMCC fulfills its social responsibility, it also can work well on the project management and continue to optimize the project construction, building “bright spots” and characteristics.

  Heads of relevant departments and units of WGFB, Wuhan Real Estate Group and CFMCC also attended the meeting.

  By Huang Jing

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