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CFMCC Employees Win the Title of "National Cons. Labor Mgt. Advanced Workers"

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On 27th Nov.2014, at the 4th National Construction Labor Management Experience Communication Conference and the 1st National Construction Good Faith Labor Service Enterprise Conference, after the first review by China Construction Industry Association Construction enterprise management and Labor management branch secretariat, and approved by Construction Labor Management Advanced Workers Audit Committee, CFMCC employees Wu Junfeng and other 42 comrades were awarded the title of "National Construction Labor Management Advanced Workers" . In 2013 Annual Assessment of National Construction Good Faith Labor Service Enterprise, Chongqing Fushan Construction Labor Service Co. Ltd. recommended by CFMCC was awarded 2013 Annual AAA Class National Construction Good Faith Enterprise.
In these years,supported by Group leaders, CFMCC Sub-contracting Management Center made efforts to build qualified, good faith and high- quality sub-contractors, and strengthened sub-contractor credit management, and set up strict performance evaluation system. Moreover, by thematic training and building migrant workers spare-time school, project managers from the subcontractors, management staff and migrant workers were all-round educated, which enhanced comprehensive quality of the sub-contractors and satisfied CFMCC's labor demand, promoted operating activity development. Wu Junfeng as a team member of CFMCC Sub-contracting Management Center, did everything with strict and serious attitude in his work of sub-contractor examination and verification of qualification, and migrant workers management , coordination and maintenance of stability. The center was awarded the 2nd and 3rd Wuhan Top Ten Migrant Workers Employer and Hubei Care for Migrant workers Best Employer.
By Chen Ming   
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