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One Research Result of CFMCC M&E Company Reaches International Advanced Level

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In the morning of 2nd Dec. 2014, Scientific and Technical Information Department of MCC Group organized relevant experts to evaluate Study and Application of Key Installation Technology in Wide Heavy-Plate Al-alloy Rolling Production Line, a research result summarized and compiled by CFMCC M&E Company. After evaluation, they believed that it reached international advanced level. 
In 2012, CFMCC M&E Company participated in construction of “0.2MTPA Large and High-performance Al-alloy Plate Section Project for ALNAN”, the largest al-alloy hot rolling production line in Asia. Relying on the project, the project department started studying on the subjects of equipment placement, precise alignment, electrical quick installation and tests, and made measures. They improved traditional technology of M&E equipment installation and commissioning and then developed some technologies of four cranes hoisting large equipment, accurate alignment of wide and heavy plate rolling mill base, verticality alignment of mill house, and jaw hoisting, which met the accuracy requirement in installation. 
After implementation of various innovative technologies by CFMCC M&E Company, the construction difficulties are reduced and construction efficiency is increased, which ensure the expenditure, progress, quality and safety of the projects to be controlled and value added.              
By Suo Mingyi & Liu Jinping

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