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One team of CFMCC M&E Company is Awarded National Quality Trustworthy Team

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On Dec.2nd, the“2014 National Site Management Star Evaluation and the National Quality Trustworthy Team Experience Exchange Meeting” was held in Hai Kou. It is co-sponsored by China Quality Association, the State Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the All-China Federation of Trade Unions, All-China Women's Federation, the China Association for Science and Technology. Mechanical erection maintenance team of CFMCC M&E Company was named as "National Quality Trustworthy Team in 2014", and it is the third national quality management excellent title won by CFMCC M&E Company in 2014.
In 2013, No.2 ladle turret of casting shop of Handan Iron&steel Co.required overhaul due to bearing breakdown, CFMCC M&E Company undertook this task.The overhaul contract period is only eight days, the time is extremely tight. Moreover, No.1 continuous casting machine in the same bay still need to maintain normal production, the EOT crane inside the bay is mainly used to ensure the production, so it cannot be used continuously for overhaul, meanwhile, hydraulic crane cannot be used due to the structure and space limitation.Mechanical erection maintenance team showed no fear towards the above mentioned difficulties.They found new ways to innovate the methods based on the existing conditions.After a full discussion, they determined to adopt jack-up sliding method for the replacement of ladle turret bearing.During implementation of these steps, they used a variety of QC methods and tools, such as "brainstorming", "affinity diagram", "PDPC method" and "value engineering method", "flow chart", "network diagram", "preferred method", "radar map", etc.,and achieved positive results.
Eventually, the maintenance team completed the overhaul work smoothly through precise organization and perfect implementation,which not only obtained the consistent praise from the supervision unit and the owner, but also brought economic benefits and social benefits for the enterprise.
by Li Heping & Suo Mingyi
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