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CFMCC Wins Various Honorable Titles of Construction Industry in Hubei Province

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On 4th Dec. 2014, it was reported from the website of Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of Hubei Province that CFMCC won a lot of honors after evaluation of 2012-2013 Hubei Excellent Construction Enterprise, Excellent Construction Enterprise Manager, and Excellent Project Manager of Construction Enterprise. 
Assessed by Hubei Experts Evaluation Committee, CFMCC won the title of “2012-2013 Hubei Excellent Construction Enterprise”, and its four employees Tian Yitang, Yu Jiabi, Jiao Yujun and Su Shuming were awarded “Excellent Construction Enterprise Manager”, Shi Jiaolan from CFMCC Steel Structure Company awarded “Excellent Steel Structure Enterprise Manager” and Yang Hanbin and Wei Junfeng awarded “Excellent Project Manager of Steel Structure Enterprise”.
Excellent Construction Enterprise, Excellent Enterprise Manager, and Excellent Project Manager are the top honors for construction industry in Hubei province. They are selected and commended once every two years and organized by Hubei Construction Industry Association. It is aimed at setting up a typical example, motivating the advanced, summarizing and spreading advanced experience and promoting greater development of construction industry and steel structure enterprises in Hubei. In recent years, CFMCC, always living up to the management concepts of “Serve the Client, Serve the Society”, has persisted in good faith, continually improved various management systems and made great contributions to bringing about a prosperous local economy and promoting social development with its considerable strength, good faith, and high degree of social responsibility.   
By Yin Zhiyuan
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